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Turn-key, renovations and profit opportunities in the developing city of Detroit, Michigan.

Real Estate Investments:

8 Proven Ways to Ensure Highest ROI in 2022

The Real estate market is booming, and it’s not just in Detroit either. Real estate investments are rising as more people see this to build wealth through turnkey investments, passive income, rental properties, and price appreciation.

In addition, real estate investors have been able to buy properties at low prices for decades now, which has given them an advantage over those who invest with stocks, mutual funds, or other avenues of investment.

Real Estate Investment was ranked third in Forbes’ list of the Top 10 Industries of Billionaires for 2019. This type of investment continues to offer the highest returns among all other industries.

Real Estate Investment options are also ideal because they give you an edge over competing bidders when it comes to buying property at low prices, allowing you to take advantage of the Real-estate appreciation that will come your way.

Right Real Estate Investments Ensure Highest ROI
Right Real Estate Investments Ensure Highest ROI
Right Strategy will bring good result in Real Estate Investments
Right Strategy will bring good result in Real Estate Investments


A Client's Process

As our client, we want you to know everything there is about the process of acquiring a new Turnkey Property to your portfolio
The process shouldn’t be dry and boring – it’s a fun experience of finding the best offers for you, building a complete and professional portfolio, choosing the perfect house for you, and going through all the formal handeling & papers without getting a headache!

We believe that choosing the opportunity of Turnkey investment should be easy and relaxed;

We know what we’re doing. And when you know what we’re doing as well – everything is better!


A part of the Turnkey investment process is the administrative part of handeling all the papres, permissions, official documents and contracts between the participants.

We ensure that everything is legit and transparent; therefore, we transfer all paperwork to a well-known and professional escrow company that takes care of all the administrative steps involved.

The escrow company is neutral third part, verifying that everything goes exactly how it should be for both sides!




You are a part of the full process, with complete knowledge and understaing along the way, together with us.


We have a code. A motto. And we are loyal to our clients and our principles. We take care of you and your assest - like it was ours.

Quality of work

In order to keep our projects as high-quality as they are, every step of the way needs to be done professionally and with care.

about us

about us

Michigan Estate Owl is an American Turnkey company, specializing in renovation of houses and high-potential assets for future profits with high Return on Investment Rate.
We help investors from all over the world find the best deals on Turnkey properties in Michigan. Currently, we are focusing mostly on developing areas in the city of the Detroit.

Our main goal is to assist investors with a wide portfolio of high-quality assets that will yield safe and passive revenues, with minimum efforts. We can assure that our properties are being handled with personal care, by focusing on stable and developing areas in the city of Detroit. We manage End-to-End projects and take care of the meticulous details, so our investors won’t have to. We not only provide our clients the education and knowledge about their new asset, we also hold them by the hand and share the intricacies involved in their brand new asset.

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