about us

Michigan Estate Owl is a bona fide, professional American Turnkey company, specializing in renovation of properties with high yield return on Investment.

We specialize in collaborating with investors from all over the world. Michigan Estate Owl offers the best deals on Turnkey properties in the state of Michigan, currently focusing in the city of Detroit.

Our main goal is to assist investors with a wide portfolio of high-quality assets that will yield safe and passive revenues, with minimum efforts. We can assure that our properties are being handled with personal care, by focusing on stable and developing areas in the city of Detroit. We manage End-to-End projects and take care of the meticulous details, so our investors won’t have to. We not only provide our clients the education and knowledge about their new asset, we also hold them by the hand and share the intricacies involved in their brand new asset.

We do ALL the groundwork. YES! 

We are those boots on the ground that you have been looking for!


We locate ...
in at the right location in the best environment


We Renovate it into a rare jewel so it will become a unique and high-quality asset on the block


we locate and place the tenants for you, so you start receiving your ROI immediately


You Become the Owner of a Turnkey Cash flowing investment with High ROI and long-term quality guarantee…

It’s truly that simple! It’s our system!

We assure that each and every project is handled following the necessary guidelines, and with the utmost integrity, work ethic and is personalized for you. After all, there is no such thing as one size fits all!

This is our Motto:

Renovate Each House AS IF it is Going To Be Our Own…

Each and every property under our panoply will meet the highest standards.

Following our system, we are proud to have helped numerous investors globally and each receiving a profitable asset(s) and an amazing ROI!

We founded our Modern Investment Solution Company (MISC) to bring your dreams and desires into fruition.

Today, we are one of the leading companies in the Turnkey market in the city of Detroit. We know that it is so because of our core values, our mission and our keen sense of knowledge of the demographic geography of the thriving real estate opportunities in the city of Detroit.


All our Turnkey properties are offered with a government-guarantee rent to ensure that you always receive your payment as you should, at the beginning of each month. It’s like clockwork!

How can we promise that? We take part in the governmental housing program known as Section 8 – Which means, you can rest assured that your investment will yield results.

Your Return On Investment begins before the ink dries on your contract

From first-time investors to our seasoned clients, our team treats the process as a First Class, Five Star experience. We are your team positioned locally for maximum results.

However, our real value comes from clear, concise communication and total transparency in the process.

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