Turnkey (sometime written as Turn Key or Turn-key) is a property or an asset that has been through renovation by a professional company, and is now on the market for sale with the purpose of real-estate investment.
It is complete and ready with everything needed for a tenant. As it’s called – you just need to Turn the Key and walk in your new high-quality investment.

In Michigan Estate Owl we took it one step further: all of our assets are offered for sale with a contracted tenant for one year – which means that you start receiving your return on the investment right from the moment of purchase.

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Before the buyer of a turnkey property becomes the rightful owner of the asset – in most cases the owner is the seller.

We own all of our properties and that’s why we ensure the quality. Once a client buys form us – the properties will be transferred legally to him/her. 

We specialize on the rural areas of Michigan and Detroit.
Within our process, we take care of every aspect along the way;
We locate our assets,
Check them from top to bottom,
We construct and renovate the asset ourselves,
And we find a trustful and compatible tenant to occupy the asset at least for a year –
allowing you to start profiting from the second you buy the property.

In addition to high-quality turnkey investments, we offer you our aid and services all along the process of aquiring a new property; legal matters, finance and taxes, administrative handling and more additional services needed…

In the near future, Michigan Estate Owl will offer Property Management!

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